Monday, August 18, 2008

Ah...Can you guess where I experienced something unforgettable here in Vancouver?! It's very easy, but not obvious. So if you chose Tamwood, I must say you're right, but I need to say you're wrong if you chose the pool table.

In my first month here I met a crazy japanese girl, Miyuki, who became a big friend of mine. At her graduation I was feeling dispair because we had great moments in Allie's class, but in a short period of time. I remember that day I couldn't pay attention during the class and many times I stared pensively looking at the board imagining how would be our class without her jokes. At the same time I was pissed off because I knew it that it'll be like that every month because here in Vancouver people are leaving all the time.

But at the same time I was anxious and happy because all her friends made some posters telling her how she was special and also that everybody was waiting her in Brazil (Miyuki is half japanese and half brazilian. We're used to do this joke because she learned a plenty of portuguese words, songs, experession, etc...very fast.)

When Allie called Miyuki everybody started to scream and put up the posters. I never saw something like that in Tamwood. I was proud and pleased to see her there, stood up while everybody was clapping their hands and screaming her name. I got emotional because Miyuki was crying her eyes out. That moment was very special and I'm sure that everybody was overjoyed.

This was one of my emotional experience here in Vancouver and for those of you that weren't there here there is a picture from that day.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hey, do you know me?
I don't think so, but that's ok . I'm not a selfish person so I can share with you who I am and don't be surprise if I only use one adjective to describe myself, L-A-Z-Y.
As a lazy person, you might be thinking that I don't like exercising, right?! YES...I agree with you, but sometimes the life is tough and I can tell you why.
In my second week here in Canada I was talking with some friends about the work-program and what I was supposed to do to get the work permit, otherwise I couldn't work. So, one of my friends asked me if I had got the letter when I arrived at the airport in Toronto and I told her that I didn't. Bad news!!! That day I found out that I needed to go until the Boarder (USA-Canada) to get the damn letter. I had no problems with that until she told me that it was necessary to walk in the middle on the highway for almost half an hour. Jesus!!!! I almost died when she told me. But, it wasn't true. The truth was worse. Do you know why???? I'll tell you.
My friend, Lu, and I took a bus at Burrard Station until White Rock. When we arrived there we asked the bus driver where is the boarder and how we can get there. His answer was short and simple - "I don't know. Just walk here on the highway and there are some bus stops". OK. So we started to walk on the highway under the pouring rain and the freezing weather. We walked, walked and none bus show up. We didn't stop. We walked, walked, ate chocolate cookies, walked, ate more chocolate, walked and after two hours and a half we arrived at the Boarder. Nice!!! We were happy and tired. After ten minutes at the boarder talking with the officer I got my work permission. UHU!!!! But, our hapiness didn't take a long time, because we needed to go back. Do you want to know how????
WALKING... Was a long walk home.
What I learned with this??? Don't be stupid. If you arrive in a new country, just go trough Imigration and don't be happy if the officer say to you - "OK. You can go" and point out to the place where you need to take your luggage.